bladder cancerThe “c” word sends a shiver down anyone’s spine. However, what if there are ways to prevent certain types of cancer? While the USGA professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in treating bladder cancer, we encourage taking preventative measures to avoid this potentially deadly disease.

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We provide multiple treatments for bladder cancer including a minimally invasive removal of the tumor, intravesical therapy, nutritional supplements, FISH testing, and lifestyle changes. Before treatments are necessary, consider several tips to prevent bladder cancer altogether.

Tips to Prevent Bladder Cancer

It hasn’t been proven yet if bladder cancer is 100% preventable. Certain factors such as gender and family history impact your likelihood of contracting this type of cancer. However, there are certain lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your chances of bladder cancer:

Throw out those cigarettes

The toxins in cigarettes have been linked to an alarming number of cancer diagnoses every year. When you light a cigarette and breathe in, you are inhaling deadly toxins and chemicals that go directly into your body. It’s been proven that smoking cigarettes increases your chance of bladder cancer.

Drink a lot of water

If our bodies consist of over 50% water, why is it so important to drink water daily? Water circulates the nutrients in our body, helps you perform better, lose weight, flush out waste, prevent bacteria, and prevent cancer. (Yes, prevent cancer!) Research shows that people who drink plenty of water have less risk of developing bladder, colon, or breast cancer.

How much water is enough? Many people drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day. This number may increase or decrease depending on how much physical activity you engage in each day. Remember that your body is constantly losing water (through breath, urination, sweat, etc.). So, filling up your body throughout the day with the best fuel (water!) is crucial.

Begin healthy eating habits

While having a healthy diet won’t give you a 100% guarantee against all types of cancer, it can definitely contribute to reducing cancer risks. Overall, a diet full of fruits and vegetables will help your body function properly and effectively and hopefully help fight off any cancer cells.

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