da Vinci Robotics


As you prepare for urologic treatment, you will have concerns for both the surgical process and the recovery time. The recent use of da Vinci Robotics has benefited the surgical process with a more precise procedure that is less invasive and provides a reduced recovery time. Using the latest in surgical and robotic technologies, the da Vinci Surgery Robotics System is ideal for both complex and delicate urologic procedures. In addition to a shorter stay in the hospital and recovery time, da Vinci also offers significantly less pain and blood loss, and fewer complications.

With da Vinci, small incisions are made for miniature, wristed instruments. These instruments have a high-definition 3D camera, which offers the surgeon a magnified image of the surgical site, as they operate the miniature surgical tools. The robotics and computer technologies perfectly translate the surgeon’s hands in precise micro-movements. The robotics only operate as the surgeon’s hands move and is completely controlled by the surgeon.

The surgeon is offered the benefit of an open surgery while only requiring a few 1-2 centimeter incisions. Each da Vinci Surgical System has an ergonomically designed surgeon’s console, a patient cart with 4 interactive robotic arms, a high-performance vision system, and patented EndoWrist instruments.

Urology Specialists of Georgia has used da Vinci Robotics since 2007 and are a leader in urologic Robotic treatment and care.