Our very own Dr. Samuel Robinson was interviewed by WMAZ to speak about No Shave November.

Dr. Robinson shared with a WMAZ reporter how No Shave November really helps to raise awareness for prostate cancer: “Because what that does, is let’s say you show up to work or you show up to your office or to your kids school, and you got a 5 o’clock shadow, or you have a lot of facial hair. People start asking questions, are you trying to grow a beard, what’s the story here, and that’s where the conversation starts and that’s really what raises awareness about men’s health in general.”

Now Doctor Robinson doesn’t usually have facial hair, but he’s participating in support of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

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About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer usually starts to appear in men after the age of 55 and the average age of diagnosis is 70. There is an increased risk of this cancer for men whose father or brother has a history with the cancer. Though the exact cause of prostate cancer isn’t known, some evidence suggests that a diet high in fat may contribute, while a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may have a helpful effect.

Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Treatment options for prostate cancer are based on the grade and stage of the tumor, patient’s age, physical health, and personal preferences. There are several general treatments:

  • Watchful Waiting – undergoing close, periodic follow-up with physical examinations, DRE, and PSA testing. This is most often recommended for patients over the age of 70.
  • Prostatectomy – surgical removal of the entire prostate gland
  • Radiation Therapy – utilizing X-rays to destroy the tumor cells via external radiation or radioactive seeds implanted during surgery
  • Hormonal Therapy – male hormones are required for a prostate cancer to grow; testosterone is the most important male hormone. Reducing testosterone levels can be accomplished by medication and through surgery.

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