health tipsThe holiday season is here, and you can feel the change in the air! The weather is a bit cooler, more people are at the shops, and decorations are being hung in the windows. With so many changes occurring, it’s likely that your healthy habits go to the wayside. Consider these simple health tips to stay in tip-top shape over the holiday season:

Continue Your Exercise Routine

Most people opt out of exercise during the holiday season because it’s so hectic and busy! However, how often you exercise is a direct link to your overall health. Your body needs you to continue your exercise routine (or start one), especially during the months that you eat seasonal food. If you’re not big on exercise, consider setting aside 30 minutes a day to walk or ride bike.

Remember Healthy Eating Proportions

Grandma’s stuffing at Thanksgiving and honey-glazed ham at Christmas are two of many reasons to go back for seconds. But, before you head back to the kitchen, make sure you’re not over-eating. Obesity contributes to many health problems. To make sure you don’t reach an unhealthy weight, you need to observe what you’re eating as well as how much you’re eating.

Drink a Good Amount of Water

Did you know that most people mistake hunger for thirst? That means that most people will eat when they’re actually thirsty! Apple cider, eggnog, and hot chocolate are a few holiday drinks that we want you to enjoy – just make sure to continue drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated and functioning well.

How the USGA Specialists Can Help

We hope you have the best holiday season! As always, if you experience any symptoms of the following conditions, the USGA team can help. We want you to enjoy the holiday season by implementing these health tips, but we also can help you navigate through any urologic issues you may encounter. Call us at 478-745-6576 with your questions.