Low TWith age, it’s common for a man’s testosterone levels to decrease. Actually, as many as 13 million men in America deal with “Low T.” However, there are treatments available to increase your levels!

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Check out three misconceptions about low testosterone:

Misconception #1: Smoking doesn’t affect my testosterone levels.

Anything you put into your body has some sort of effect on how you feel. This is especially true concerning Low T. The luteinizing hormone helps make testosterone – and tobacco is known to hinder the making of this hormone. If you quit smoking, it’s possible that you could see an increase of testosterone levels.

Misconception #2: Prostate cancer is linked to testosterone.

If you have prostate cancer, you may be given a certain medication that reduces the amount of testosterone. However, testosterone in itself does not cause cancer. To reduce your chance of developing prostate cancer, make sure to eat right, avoid an overload of alcohol and caffeine, and cut back on foods with refined sugar and trans fats.

Misconception #3: What I eat does not affect my Low T.

Obesity is one of two main factors that can lead to low testosterone levels (smoking is the other main factor). Studies have proven that healthy eating and daily exercising can contribute to increased testosterone levels.

Now that you know the truth behind the myths, you don’t have to be anxious about false information! Allow the team at Urology Specialists of Georgia to help you with your Low T issue. We can help you treat Low T by providing a testosterone replacement (via injection, patch or gel on the skin, or insertion of pellets under the skin).

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