spermIf you’ve suffered with erectile dysfunction and/or low testosterone, then you understand the significance of a healthy sex drive and sperm count. Certain lifestyle changes can dramatically affect this area of your life. If you don’t see your desired results after implementing these changes, our urology specialists can help.

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Consider the following ways to keep your sperm healthy:

Avoid Heat – If your body is exposed to heat for too long, your sperm count and motility will be negatively affected. So, avoid hot baths, hot showers, and hot tubs. Aim for a warm temperature instead of very hot.

Get Enough Sleep – When you don’t get enough sleep, your body is negatively affected. It needs at least seven hours each night to reboot and refresh.

Limit Alcohol Intake – Research shows that a man who drinks more than one glass of alcohol per day has a decrease in sperm motility versus a man who drinks less than one glass per day.

Maintain a Healthy Weight – If a man is underweight or overweight, it can negatively affect sperm count. An obese man will deal with hormonal disturbances while an underweight man will deal with a reduced sperm count.

Reduce Contact with Toxins – If you work near chemicals and/or toxins, it’s important to take necessary precautions to reduce your contact with them. An increase in toxin contact can cause infertility.

Supplement Your Meals with Vitamins – Vitamins are incredibly important for your overall health, not just sperm motility. A healthy amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc directly affect your sperm quality.

If you have erectile dysfunction, there are treatment options to consider such as medications, devices, therapy, surgery, and implants. Our urology specialists can answer your questions, create a treatment plan for you, and help you on the road to fight erectile dysfunction! Call us at 478-745-6576 with your questions.