Iron Man Urology Health Fair A Success!

9.20 Health FairDr. Joshua Perkel gave a presentation at the Iron Man Health Fair on September 20, 2014. The Urology Specialists of Georgia is proud to have sponsored the Iron Man Urology Health Fair for the last three years. This was the first year for the event to be held at the Anthony Road Promise Center. The advisory board is making efforts to reach adult men of all ages, and additionally to specifically reach homeless men in the community through contact with several local churches, the Salvation Army, and other organizations. Our goal was to have at least 200 men attend, enjoy a healthy meal, and learn about topics related to men’s health. A Fun Run/Walk event and Three-on-Three basketball games were offered as well.

Fix That Leaky Faucet – Urinary Frequency, Urgency, & Incontinence

9.23 lunch & learnDr. Joshua Perkel spoke at a Urology Health Lunch and Learn on September 23, 2014, at Stay Young University (SYU), a program at the Coliseum Northside Hospital which is geared towards older adults but open to any age. The title of Dr. Perkel’s presentation was “Fix That Leaky Faucet!”

Urinary frequency, urgency, and incontinence affect millions of Americans. A variety of medical conditions contribute to overactive bladder and the involuntary loss of urine. Dr. Perkel used his sense of humor and medical expertise to make what would ordinarily seem to be an embarrassing topic easy to discuss and learn about. Patients, family, and friends were invited to come hear about state of the art testing and treatments for urinary problems that affect both men and women.

Fertility Institute – Andrology Services

Abdelmoneim Younis, DVM, PhD, EMB(ACE), HCLD/CC (ABB), Associate Professor of OB/GYN at the Mercer University School of Medicine, gave a Urology Health Lunch and Learn at the Urology Specialist’s Macon Office for the clinical staff to learn more about the Andrology Services offered at the Fertility Institute of Navicent Health.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction & Urology Health

Dr. Samuel Robinson spoke on September 2, 2014, at The Wellness Center for a Men to Men Talk on Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – what ED is, the main causes of ED, and treatment options. Erectile Dysfunction affects over 30 million Americans, which is approximately 1 in 5 American men over the age of 20. The three leading causes of Erectile Dysfunction are vascular, diabetes, and medication. ED is a very common problem, and we invite you to talk with us about your concerns. Your physician at the Urology Specialists of Georgia can work with you to find the best treatment option.

WMAZ Prostate Cancer Phone Bank

cancer phone bankDr. Jason Burnette, Dr. Samuel Robinson, and Frieda Underwood, NP, attended the WMAZ Prostate Cancer Awareness phone bank to help educate our community and answer questions about prostate cancer, screening, and treatment. They thoroughly enjoyed getting to participate and help to raise awareness about prostate cancer.